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Interview With Legendary Technical Analyst Arch Crawford: Astrology And The Stock Market

I asked Arch if he'd answer a few questions about his work and he said yes. Here's the interview: John Navin: What do you say to people who dismiss something as unconventional as astrology as the basis for market analysis? Arch Crawford: I do not try to convince them -- almost always a waste of time. Wall Streeters usually want to see my record. I show it -- they buy it! Navin: If Warren Buffett called you today and asked for your opinion on the stock market, what would you tell him? Crawford: Markets are long-term overbought. Hold more cash than usual. That's his opinion, too, by the way. He is holding more cash than usual.  Navin: A non-financial friend of mine who follows planetary charts calls this “eclipse season.” What is she talking about?

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